Our skin protects us from the elements, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected, too.
CoKa, Les Produits de MaYa’s whipped body butter, will protect your skin at every age and stage. Made
with just four organic ingredients—coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E—CoKa is a protective
blanket for your skin. Use it all over!

1. Cheeks (Up Top and Down Below). Before braving the cold, put a protective layer of CoKa on your cheeks and know they’ll be protected when your balaclava’s nowhere to be found.

Baby’s bum cheeks may not have to brave the outdoor elements, but exposure to urine, coupled with repeated diaper changes, can be tough on baby’s tush. A thin layer of CoKa on baby’s bottom will nourish and protect this most tender skin.

2. Chapped Lips. Menopause has been hard on my lips. They get so dry and chapped that they feel like they’re on fire. CoKa provides much-needed moisture and eases the itch.

3. Pregnant Bellies. Whenever I see a woman whose belly is stretched to the max with a growing babe, I recall the heaviness of carrying my own kids (who are now 10 and 15!) like it was yesterday. Oh how I wish I’d had some of this whipped body butter to ease the itch of my belly skin stretched tighter than a drum.

4. Hands (and Hair!). I get dry, chapped skin on my hands every winter—not just from the cold, dry air but also from all the handwashing I do in my effort to ward off infection. CoKa provides the right amount of protection.

Bonus tip: Once I’ve rubbed CoKa into my hands in the morning, I run my hands over my hair to tame flyaways!

5. Nails and Cuticles. This winter, even my nails took a beating. They were dry and splitting at the ends and my cuticles were more ragged than usual. Rubbing CoKa into my cuticles and over my nails has them feeling like their sturdy selves once more.

How do you like to use your CoKa Whipped Body Butter?

Author: Kiki Yee


Where to find this whipped body butter: retailers.lesproduitsdemaya.com


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