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Our friend Jacinthe, founder of the Quebec-based company PEAKBWA, is expecting her fourth child this spring!
She takes this opportunity to share with us her list of favorites and essentials for eco-friendly babies, and we are happy to be part of it.

Don’t hesitate to share with future or new parents around you!

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icone coup de coeur

So this is it. 

More than five years have already passed since the arrival of my youngest child. I gave away all of my baby stuff a long time ago, thinking it was all over for me babies. But life has led me to see a new perspective and here I am, very happy, pregnant with my fourth. 

I have a small house, already full, and I am a follower of the less is more school of thought which prefers to reorganize my home rather than to change for the bigger one. Having to get everything again scares me a little. With that in mind, I’ve put together what I consider the essentials to use for my little one who will soon be entering the nest. 

My criteria: durability and versatility of the product, and baby’s comfort

I also aspire to encourage the local economy and avoid buying extras, which can easily be replaced by items that we already have at home. For example, you can drop the nursing pillow and use a cushion that’s already on the couch or a pillow. Avoid buying a single-use diaper bag and replace it with an equally functional multipurpose bag. The changing table and the comforter for the crib: are they really necessary?

So many questions!

Here are my seven Quebec favorites for green babies!

Pour le changement de couches

couche lavable

Omaïki is in my opinion a pioneer brand in the field of washable diapers. Their diapers are entirely made in Quebec with Canadian fabrics. 

For having tried several types of washable diapers, my choice fell on the all-in-one model, probably due to my great patience to fold diapers! The TEÖ (all-in-one) model goes from birth to potty training. This grow with me one-size-fits-all model allows you to put on the diaper without too much preparation. 

Omaïki offers several types of diapers: TEÖ, Mini-Ö, pocket, molded, etc. 

I recommend that you try out a few models before purchasing a full set. You can easily find second hand sets. My first set had 24 very little-used molded diapers, all for $ 100. From there, I assembled a kit to suit my needs. Three kids later, I still have a few of this bundle on hand, ready to absorb. 

An ecological solution to the tons of waste generated by their plastic counterpart.


We adopt it for its great versatility!

I apply it directly to a reusable wipe during the diaper change to cleanse, moisturize and prevent diaper rash.

The ointment can easily replace five or six products you already own. Use it as a makeup remover, after sun lotion, aftershave and aftershave lotion, moisturizer, cleanser for small crusty noses, head seborrhea (i.e. hat, or cradle cap), etc.).

Les produits de MaYa offer a complete line of body products made from simple, quality, certified organic and chemical-free ingredients.

Are you a fan of the zero waste lifestyle? Les Produits de Maya are also available in bulk at select zero waste retailers near you!

Their massage bar and their dry shampoo are also must with us!

Discover the many benefits of ointment. 

bain bébé

For bath time


The small organic cotton terry cloths from Öko Créations give the impression of ordinary laundry, but to try it is to adopt it! The softness of organic cotton is a charm for the skin. My face can’t do without it. Perfect for the hygiene care of babies and the whole family. Use them wet as an alternative to disposable wet wipes, for bathing or other care. See also their reusable organic cotton wipes.

Not to mention the ingenuity of the grow-with-me towel Petit Elfe. We accumulate tons of towels, but if you had to have one, I would definitely recommend this one. Its large size can wrap a child up to the age of five. The cap is provided with an adjustment system which gives three different sizes. The softness of organic cotton is once again an asset.


Souris Verte offers a full line of natural skin products and mom’s pharmacy. In my previous pregnancies, I have used several products including baby bath soap, mild laundry detergent, zinc cream, and the all-time favorite Eucalyptus push-push. It’s part of our bedtime routine. Given its comforting smell, and its antibacterial and decongestant properties, it is called the magic push- to make sweet dreams come true! My children ask me if I forget it … Attention! I just recently discovered the lavender push-push!

Souris Verte is in my opinion a company that manufactures items perfectly suited to small, sensitive skin.

Why not try one of their sets to find out? A very nice gift to give to new parents.


portage bébé

To be hands free!

Lets be honest : with four children (or just one!), It is very practical to have access to our hands!

With my first baby, I loved using the Mama Kangaroo scarf for its versatility and skin-to-skin closeness to baby. To my surprise, Gustine is now the owner of this brand and they brought to the market, just in time for baby 4, the MK Baby 2-in-1 scarf, simplified version, much easier to adjust than the first scarf. Thanks to its adjustment ring, you can quickly adapt the baby carrier for two types of carrying.

(scarf style and ring sling style).

Use from 3.5 kg (7.0 lbs) to 12.0 kg (26.5 lbs), or depending on your capacity. A durable, comfortable, compact, easy-to-maintain choice available in a variety of vibrant colors!


couverture emmaillotement

For sleep

A company that I love very much for the quality and variety of its colorful accessories for the whole family and for the home. I love the creative approach behind the fabric patterns in their collections, guided by a Quebec and Indigenous way of life from the owners’ backgrounds.

I’ll be happy to bundle up baby in a beanie and blanket set made from stretch bamboo. The 40 ” x 40 ” format of the blanket will be useful to accompany baby on his outings all year round for several years.

Why not use one of their beautiful, timeless blankets as a throw in the nursery?



I created this product just in time for the arrival of baby # 4 since I couldn’t find pajamas that could last that long!

It is a set that can be used right out of the hospital for up to six months, super comfortable for the sensitive skin of newborns. It is also the perfect fit for washable diapers, and it is suitable for carrying thanks to the socks and the integrated mittens that you can choose to put on or not! The pants transform into evolutionary pants and will be able to do longer than the rest of the set. The perfect gift to put on your shower list! Also available in the size 6 months to 18 months.

Lets not forget the bodysuit extensions that’ll extend the life of baby’s camisoles.


Of course, I could have presented you with an exhaustive list of 50 very useful baby items, but a lot of items are very personal and everyone’s needs are sometimes very different, so I focused on products from home. us whom I find very useful and who deserve to be known.

You will probably need a booster seat, stroller, crib, high chair, car seat *, blankets, bottles and more.

These are all items that take up a lot of space; the idea for decluttering would be to borrow them or buy them from someone else, then give to the next one as soon as they are finished to free up space!

We hope to have introduced you to innovative Quebec products or companies that have the interest of making life easier for families!

*Follow Calgary Car Seat Cubs on Facebook, a great resource for educating yourself before choosing a car seat.

 Photo credit : Mylène Dupré


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